How You Can Achieve Your Dream Garage Makeover

garage-makeoverYour garage is a space that should never have to be one that contains a lot of clutter. If you’re looking to give your garage a bit of a makeover, consider making note of the following steps:

  • A useful idea is to create an entire wall system that can hold items such as tools, bicycles, extension cords, garden hoses, and even that new fishing life vest you bought last season but keeps getting buried in the garage. Take the opportunity to pay a visit to your local home improvement store, where you’ll find everything that you need to create a complete storage bin and/or shelving system for your garage.
  • If you’re looking to use your garage as a space to park your car, which is what this area was originally designed for, yet you want to make sure that it won’t bring in a lot of dirt, bugs, etc., there are all sorts of different remodeling ideas that you can utilize in order to help make this a reality. One of the most popular styles is the pegboard system, which enables you to hang tools and other items that could otherwise create clutter around the space.
  • It’s worth noting that the garage is most often used in every home as a space to store things that are seen as unfit to occupy any other spaces inside the home itself. Despite this, however, this doesn’t mean that your garage has to be a messy area, despite all of the clutter contained within it. Consider turning this space into an area that is more functional instead.
  • Set up specific zones throughout the entire space, which will help to reduce how often you will need to search for something important. For example, keep items that you use the most such as extension cords close to the garage door and seasonal items such as your daughter’s Puddle Jumper life jacket in a separate shelf or cabinet. Additionally, lawn care items such as hoses and lawn mowers, as well as sporting equipment, should also be placed close to the door since these items often get dirty and this will prevent you from tracking mud and/or dirt into your home.


  • Consider upgrading the flooring as well, as there’s really no reason to continue to stick with the traditional concrete nowadays. In fact, there are other finishes that you can choose from, such as a simple acid wash and a sophisticated epoxy coating, both of which are available in many styles and colors.
  • Upgrade all of your cabinets and shelves by painting them, which will give them a more polished look rather than leaving them with a traditional “unfinished” look. If you are implementing storage zones, one useful tip would be to paint each area in a different color.
  • If it’s needed, replace the garage door itself by having a brand new one installed. The garage door is typically seen from the street, which makes enhancing its overall visual appeal a great idea. You can achieve this by simply painting a faux finish on your current door or installing a custom door for an extra amount of curb appeal.
  • If you’re someone who doesn’t park vehicles in your garage, consider making the space an extension of the rest of your home itself. For instance, you could transform the space into another bedroom, an office, or a workout room.