How deep should I plant seeds?

Almost every year there are a million different kinds of seeds that fail to germinate, or if they do germinate very poorly. All this is because they are mostly planted within the wrong depth within the ground. A seed should always be planted within the right depth so it can have a much better chance to develop into a very vigorous and healthy plant. We found a South Jersey landscaping that has some great tips on gardening.

A seed should always be planted within the right depth and as seed requirement of depth in which it should be planted in is quite different here is what should be kept in mind.

• The type of soil and the amount of water
Whenever planting a seed it should always be kept in mind that you should always use a sterile seed mix to help in the preventing of fungus growth. Always keep in mind that a good mix of sterile seed mix would contain around 50% peat and 50% perlite or vermiculite. The type of soil and the amount of water that should be used is a very important consideration that should be kept in mind while planting seed into the ground. Always the use of clean and sterile soil is suggested while planting within containers or even in flats. Keep in mind that the soil in which the seeds are planted them should always be well drained. Always remember that whenever watering the seeds the seeds especially really small seed do not wash out of the soil as that could keep them. Thus they should always be planted at a proper depth that they are able to receive the proper amount of water or nutrient that they require to germinate. Small kinds of seeds are best watered with either a fine spray or a mist.
• The size of the seeds
The planting of each and every seed varies as it depends mostly on their size. As the planting of each seed particularly have different planting requirements according to their size therefore depth of planting seed always depends on their size.
- Small kinds of seeds
Small kinds of seeds are best planted when they are scattered thinly over the top surface of the soil and then finally patted down. A lot of the gardeners prefer to sift some fine screened soil over them once they are patted down.
- Medium seeds
These kinds of seeds may include seeds of peas, radishes or even nuts and are much easier to see thus should be planted according to each seeds width depth. Clean soil should be patted down on them to make the soil firm around them.
- Large kinds of seeds
Larger seed require larger pits to be planted in. most of these large seeds are planted in such a way that the top of the seed is just above the surface of the soil. For example coconuts are just laid on their sides and buried only from ¼ to 1/3 of their way.

3 types of riding lawn mowers

Do you own large property and is it hard to mow your lawn? You can always rely on a riding lawnmower for the maintenance of your lawn. With the help of a riding mower the time spent on mowing plus the level of work for mowing the grass is decreased. The rising demands of riding mowers have produced many different types of riding mower each with their own features.

Here are 3 different types of riding mowers that homeowners can choose from while purchasing one for their home and lawn.

  1. The Zero turn radius

The zero turn radius mowers offer its rider with a wider cutting deck which is about 72 inches. The horse power of the zero turn radius mowers is from 18 horsepower to 26 horsepower. The engine of the zero turn radius mowers is mounted on the rear of the mower thus providing the rider a proper view without any obstruction. The main advantage to the zero turn radius mowers is that it is easy to steer around with the help of rear wheel steering option. Due to the mowers increased horsepower with the 72 inch cutting deck it is able to help the homeowner to mow is large lawn much faster as well as closer to any obstacles. But keep in mind that the zero turn radius’s will not run effectively on steep grades. Find out more here

  1. The conventional mower

The conventional lawnmower has a front mounted engine with also having a discharge system to its side. These types of mowers have a rear wheel drive system with steering system for the front wheels. The different deck sizes are about 36 inches to 46 inches with a horsepower of 12.5 to 21. The larger conventional mowers have a 17.5 horsepower but are commonly known as lawn tractors. These types of lawnmowers are ideal for first time buyers as they are a much less expensive investment compared to other riding mowers.

  1. The garden tractor

The garden tractor is another kind of conventional mower but much more bigger and versatile. The deck sizes of the garden tractor come in around 54 inches with a horsepower of 26 thus allowing it to mow much faster than the normal conventional mower. Some of the extra feature that comes with the garden tractor is that you can attach trailers, cultivators, small tillers and box blades. With the help of the garden tractor the homeowner gets the ease to mow his garden and also doing other heavy duty lawn projects.

The most common flowers in the US

Many of the most common types of flowers in the U.S can easily be found growing wild in almost any part of the country. Besides the point that many of these flowers are grown in the wild they are also used for special occasions across the U.S such as for anniversaries, birthdays or even funerals.

The most common flowers that can be found in the U.S are:

Lilies have a very heady fragrance which is also quite feminine. Lilies are very common within America and are grown in different colors; some of the most common colors of a lily across the U.S are orange, white and yellow. They can also be found growing wild across America along the country side.

One of the most popular types of lilies across the U.S is the Stargazer lily. The Stargazer lily is a very exotic lily and is a very common choice for many different floral bouquets across the U.S. These species of lilies also have one of the strongest scents in the lily family.

Another type of lily that is commonly used for weddings and funerals in the U.S is the Calla lily.

Roses are the most popular flower within America compared to all other types of flowers. They are not only grown in gardens but are also used as deliver bouquets. There are almost a thousand different kinds of roses that you can find in America and almost every year new hybrids are developed with different kinds of shapes and colors.

Some of the most common varieties that you can find across the U.S are the climbing roses, the tea roses and the long stem roses. Many of these types of roses you can find in homes spread across America. And on the top list is the climbing rose which is the most common as they are also the most easiest to grow within your lawn.

Although Tulips are basically grown in Holland they are also very popular and very common across the U.S as well. Many American home gardeners just love to grow these elegant flowers within their own gardens and yards which bloom every spring. The bulbs of the tulips are planted in the fall season and they bloom around mid-spring.

The different kinds of tulips that are grown across the U.S are the Darwin Hybrid, the Double early, the Single early, the Fringed and the Single late.
Other common types of flowers that are grown in the U.S are the Daisies and the Orchids